Aurora New Dawn / Iris Project

The IRIS programme – Identification and Referral to Improve Safety – provides training, support and a referral programme to primary healthcare staff to ensure that victims and survivors can find their way out of violence and abuse.

Aurora New Dawn – IRIS Project will contribute 2 x Outreach/Floating support workers for Adults, Children and Families to back up IDVA through low-medium risk DV case holding by:

  • Safety planning
  • Building self-confidence and independence
  • Advice on housing rights and responsibilities
  • Welfare rights and legal support
  • Accompanying to court
  • Assistance when applying for grants and loans
  • Help with budgeting, paying bills and debts
  • Resettlement skills, such as shopping and cooking
  • Assistance in finding work, paid or unpaid
  • Assistance with accessing training or education
  • Referrals to other relevant agencies

In addition 1 x IRIS Advocate Educator will maintain the work carried out by IRIS so far where two advocate educators have been working alongside all GPs so that every practice staff member is now fully trained and ‘DV Aware’. Funding will support the IRIS AE to ensure new staff are trained to keep up this coverage and deliver this evidence based model of tailored training to further groups of professionals identified as having significant contact with those adults and children at greatest risk e.g. Early Years/Sure Start/Education Welfare, A&E Staff, Midwives, Family Nurse Partnerships.

This post will also act as lead practitioner for Aurora work overseeing 2 x Outreach and Floating Support Workers who will deliver both community-based and resettlement support to Southampton DV victims.

Please contact Yellow Door (formally Southampton Rape Crisis) if you require further information about this partnership

Tel: 02380 636312

Aurora New Dawn/Iris Project