Perpetrator Support

Who we help

We run many projects designed for families, children, young people and individuals who at certain times in their lives need additional support to overcome challenging situations.


Are you affected by domestic abuse?

If you feel unable to talk with friends or family about life at home, or about abuse you have experienced then we can help. We offer a safe environment for you to come and talk in group sessions within schools.

Our support programmes:

Turnaround (please note this programme is not currently funded)

Young People

Are you a young person who struggles to make friends or has confidence issues?

We also work with young people who engage in damaging or violent behaviour.

Our support programmes:

LINX, Check It Out, DARE


Are you hurting someone you love with words or actions?

With the help of our dedicated team you can work towards changing for the better and to stop hurting others.

We also offer support for individuals who have been a victim of sexual abuse or who feel socially excluded.

Our support programmes:


Partners / Ex Partners

Have you been a victim of domestic abuse?

You are not alone, so please contact us and find out how we can help you.

We also offer support for individuals who have been a victim of sexual violence or who feel socially excluded.

Our support programmes:

ISVAADAPT Women’s Safety


We can deliver support to families who are struggling to cope or going through a challenging time.

Our support programmes:

 Safe  For enquiries please contact


We run training courses that are aimed at building the skills of volunteers and practitioners, as well as offering accredited volunteer training

Available Training Courses

Project CARA


If you have been issued a conditional caution to complete Project CARA in Hampshire, our team will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, if you wish to contact us please contact Katy on 02380 001061 or email