Southampton Family Trust

Southampton Family Trust seeks to provide a local focus for relationship building and support for everyone from older teenagers through engaged couples planning their wedding to established couples with or without children. We believe that strong happy families are really important to everyone: we offer marriage preparation, marriage enrichment activities and parenting support in Southampton and parts of Hampshire. So if you want to make a good relationship better, or are looking for some counselling support to get over hurdles – check us out.

The Trust is a registered charity, and is active across a range of support agencies and churches in the Southampton area.


SFT’s aims are to:

  • Improve family stability and relationship satisfaction in Southampton & surrounding area.
  • Provide accessible relationship support and education at all key life stages.
  • Encourage investment in relationship skills.
  • Promote a culture which accesses support at early stages, rather than at crisis point.


SCFT’s work is:

  • Preventative – Providing education, research and support at early stages.
  • Inclusive – Working with existing agencies in the field to avoid duplication and waste.
  • Comprehensive – Increasingly networking across the range of relationship needs.
  • All embracing – From the initial starting point of marriage preparation and support to include parenting, education, and proactive life event support.

A Christian-based organisation, it offers services to all, regardless of race, colour or religious belief, and does not seek to impose its beliefs on others.


Initially SFT worked in the areas of pre-marriage and relationship support, and marriage and relationship enrichment. We also seek to develop relationships with groups working in related areas, such as

  • Parenting
  • Schools education
  • Life event interventions
  • Healthy Business Relationships

Our contact details are:
SCFT, SVS, Kingsland Square, St Mary Street,
Southampton SO14 1NW

Tel: 023 8021 6003

Southampton Family Trust