Yellow Door

Our Mission:

We believe that:

Every person has the right never to be forced or manipulated into any kind of sexual activity.

Society, communities and organisations have a responsibility to:

  • Work together towards preventing sexual violence and exploitation through education, awareness and support
  • Provide appropriate help to support the health and wellbeing of those affected by sexual violence and exploitation

We aim to:

  • Be professional, ethical, thoughtful and compassionate in our approach.
  • Value diversity and be accessible, inclusive and accepting.
  • Provide confidentiality whilst also considering safeguarding responsibilities.
  • Strive for excellence, through our collective dedication, creativity and commitment.

We run a telephone helpline providing free, confidential advice, support and information on 023 8063 6313 

Open : Wednesdays 4.00pm to 7.00pm

Other Useful Contacts:

Police – always phone 999 if in immediate danger. If non-emergency call 084 5045 4545

Treetops (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) – 023 9221 0352

Samaritans – 0845 790 9090

National Rape Crisis (females only) – freephone: 0808 802 9999 12-2:30pm & 7-9:30pm every day of the year

Survivors UK (males only) – 0845 122 1201 7-9:30pm Mon & Tue & 12-2:30pm on Thursday

24 Hour National Domestic Violence freephone helpline – 0808 2000 247

                                                                    Yellow Door Services

Helpline: Open to both male and female callers, the helpline provides advice, information and telephone support to victims and friends/partners/families who are supporting them.

Adult Therapeutic Services

The Adult Therapeutic Service offers face to face sessions to males and females aged 11+ who have experienced sexual violence or abuse at anytime in their lives.

Emotional Coping Skills Group

This group exists to improve access in to all our services for those with more complex and enduring mental health needs.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy Service provides support to families where sexual abuse has affected family functioning. The focus is on improving cohesion and communication, emotional literacy and mutual support systems in families as well as helping parents keep their children safe and find healthier ways of managing young people’s behavioural problems.

Safer Relationships Group

A therapy group for adults to explore how to create safer, healthier and more positive relationships.

Bright Stars

This psycho-educational group aims to provide a safe place for young people aged 11-18 to meet others who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse.

Young People’s Therapeutic Service

The team includes Play Therapists and Counsellors that provide a safe and confidential environment for adolescents, aged 0 to 18, to help them understand the impact of their experiences and learn the healthiest ways to cope with them.

YP Outreach

An element of our young people’s engagement and counselling work can be undertaken by an outreach worker, if needed in a school or other safe setting.

Young People’s Creative Arts Group

Using art and other creative methods, young people can explore how they are feeling and the impact of the experience has had on them. They also develop their social and coping skills and explore ways of moving on whilst building their self-esteem and confidence.

ISVA – Independent Sexual Violence Advisors

An advocacy and criminal justice support service networking with the Police and other agencies to deliver appropriate help to people who have experienced sexual violence.

The Star Project

The Star Project is an award winning education and outreach programme working with anyone over the age of 10 towards staying safer, understanding risk and accessing support where needed. Topics covered include healthy relationships, sexual exploitation, teenage pregnancy, internet safety, cyber-bullying, self esteem/body-image and substance misuse.

Tel: 023 8063 6312                 Email:

Yellow Door